Are you a neuroscientist or a clinician interested in network science?
Are you a network scientist or a data scientist interested in the human brain?
Are you an enthusiast of the brain and want to learn about brain connectomics?
... well, this event might be what you have been waiting for!

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The Brainhack-Networks 2019 is an independent event sponsored by the organizing committee of the Network Neuroscience satellite of the International School and Conference on Network Science (NetSci 2019). This event is also sponsored by the Purdue Systems Collaboratory and the Purdue Institute for Integrative Neuroscience.

The theme of the hackathon will broadly cover a variety of topics related to network science tools for neuroscience/imaging research, including network modeling and analysis of brain data (fMRI, DWI, EEG) as well as neuro-scientific interpretation of the results.

The goal is to bring together researchers with heterogeneous backgrounds from around the world to collaborate on innovative open science projects related to brain connectomics. We welcome all projects related to brain connectomics. As a guidance, we have identified the following state-of-the-art topics: brain fingerprinting, topological morphospaces, multimodal/multiplex brain networks, controllability of brain networks, mapping connectivitiy and cognition/behaviour, and modelling disease progression. While the theme sets the type of projects and presentations of the event, it is not meant to be restrictive. Participants are encouraged to post project ideas by April 22 via the dedicated form.

An international team of renown experts in the field of network science and neuroscience will coordinate the event in an effort to boost the realization of the projects. The team of experts will also recognize the best three projects with an award.

Join the brainhack-networks channel of the team to receive upcoming news and contribute with your own ideas and projects.

How to join?

You just need to fill out the registration form and pay the registration fee of $50 that includes internet, breakfast, lunch, social dinner, and coffee breaks. Number of participants is limited to 50.

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Propose your project

Do you need more brains & hands to realize your project? Do you feel your data have something to say but don't know how to make them talk? Submit your project and get people involved! You will have the unique opportunity to be assisted by our team of experts.


Share your kowledge

You don't have a specific project, but you are interested in network neuroscience and wanted to know how does it work in practice? Join us and share your expertise in any related domain (eg, data viz)! We will provide data and tools to free your creativity!


Hack brain networks

If you love developing and optimizing code and pipelines, then you are in the right place! Our community has a tremendous need of deploying efficient software to model and analyze large heterogeneous datasets. Come join and hack with us!

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Li Shen

School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania


Emma Towlson

Center for Complex Network Research
Northeastern University